James Bond May Pass the Torch and Title of 007 to a New, Female Agent in Bond 25

Equality and representation are hot topics in the media, and it looks like the future of the James Bond franchise could be heavily impacted by it.

For quite a while now, the internet has been abuzz and rather divided on racial representation in film. Some have voice opinions on wanting a black Bruce Wayne, an Asian Iron Fist, and to stop shoving Scarlett Johansson in movies where she doesn’t belong. Others have expressed a strong desire to see a black James Bond. Well, it looks like that is going to happen.

In recent years, James Bond actor himself, Daniel Craig has expressed his displeasure with James Bond as a character- a womanizing alcoholic that doesn’t sit well in the eyes of many feminists communities, which makes sense. The character has been around since 1953, and times have significantly changed since then on the front of social, racial, and female equality.

“And I am retiring to work at a deli in New Hampshire.”

Heck, Craig has stated in many interviews that he wouldn’t be coming back as James Bond regardless of money, though it turns out he changed his mind and will return in the untitled 25th Bond flick. Although he may be passing the torch to a newcomer.

Reports from the Daily Mail suggests that Lashana Lynch will be coming into the movie for the sole purpose of Bond passing the torch to her as the new 007. We do not know the plot, but we do know that Lashana Lynch is in the movie and that fans want a new 007 that isn’t a white guy any longer.

Personal opinions aside, let’s just wait and see what happens. The internet will surely let us know how it feels about it when the movie comes out.



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