Jet Set Radio Future Spiritual Successor ‘Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’ Coming to Switch Next Year

Paint, do tricks, and dance to new music from Hideki Naganuma.



If you have been pining for more games like Jet Set Radio Future, then you are in for a real treat, kiddies. Developer Team Reptile is bringing you Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, a brand new title heavily influenced by JSRF that was revealed and announced today during Nintendo’s exciting Indie World event. The game looks rad, and almost identical in style and flair to JSRF, so much so in fact, that some may call it a “spiritual successor”. Take a look at the announcement trailer below.

The title will first be a timed exclusive for Nintendo Switch but will come to other platforms later. You can already see the Steam Store Page up and add the title to your wishlist if you’d like. You know we already did.

There are still a lot of details missing regarding what to expect from the game. If you take a look at Nintendo’s official page for BRC, you will see that the release date is set for a vague 2022 release but that the Player Count is listed as “To be determined”, a curious placeholder that one would assume would be ironed out and ready to be shared during the announcement.

Either way, we look forward to the PC release when it rolls out but many gamers out there will undoubtedly pick up the title on Switch immediately considering the smaller library of available games at the present. For me, I am still trying to get through Breath of the Wild. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. #JustGamerProblems

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