‘Bleach’ Live-Action Film Releases First Teaser Trailer



Get your first proper glimpse of Sōta Fukushi in action as Ichigo Kurosaki!

[dropcap size=small]N[/dropcap]ews of a Japanese live-action movie adaptation of the Tite Kubo’s hit manga and anime series Bleach surfaced last year. After some set photos revealed Sôta Fukushi in costume as Bleach protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, we haven’t seen or heard much of the adaptation since. 

Well, fans waiting to see more are in luck, because Warner Brothers Japan just dropped the first official teaser trailer. The little snippet gives us a glimpse of Ichigo Kurosaki armed with his Zanpakutō as he faces down a corrupt spirit known as a ‘Hollow’. Check it out below: 

Even if this trailer only offers us a meager glance at the film, it does look pretty good visually. Given the striking similarities that can be seen in the trailer, it appears as though they have accurately recreated the scene from the very first episode of the series where Ichigo faces a Hollow known as ‘Fishbone D’

The official Twitter account for the film also dropped the first promotional visuals which show off Sōta Fukushi in costume, along with a promotional title advertising the Summer 2018 release date. 

Bleach is set to be released in Japan Summer 2018. No western release date has been announced so far. 


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