Battlefield Hardline Release Date Announced


Yesterday, an official release date for Battlefield Hardline was announced; that date is March 17th, 2015. While there has been wild criticism surrounding EA and DICE’s upcoming release, there is no doubt that the Battlefield franchise has been a juggernaut in recent years. Check out the video below and form your own opinion: Does it look like an engaging new take on classic Battlefield combat? Or something that should have been released as a DLC package?

A recommendation players planning to preorder might want to take advantage of: Log as many hours as you can on launch day. Because, yes, the game releases on St. Patrick’s Day 2015. Allow me to correct myself: Log as many SOBER hours as you can on launch day. Nothing will be easier than picking off drunkies in what are bound to be boozed up servers (pun?).



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