Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Update: 1989 Movie Pack, Dark Knight Tumbler



The August DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight released a trailer with updates on the August DLC as well as a sneak peek at the September DLC.

[toggler title=”TL;DR” ]In the trailer for the August DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, viewers got a sneak peek of the September DLC where players will get to drive the Dark Knight’s Tumbler Batmobile.[/toggler]

The most recent August DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight allows players to use features from the 1989 Batman film. The DLC comes with the Batmobile and Batman skin from the 1989 movie but also incorporates a new set of challenges influenced by the Tim Burton films. The producing team of the game released a trailer for the DLC that included a sneak peek of an upcoming new feature where you can drive the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight films.


A breakdown of the September DLC is as follows:

  1. Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #1: Set to release on September 1st, users will receive 6 new AR challenges for Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Catwoman. This pack will give users the opportunity to work on their various combat skills.
  2. GCPD Lockdown: Given a release date of “later in September”, this set of missions is set after the events that take place in the Arkham Knight video game. In this storyline, you will play as Nightwing to prevent the Penguin from breaking out of Gotham City Police Department.
  3. 2008 Tumbler Batmobile Pack: Also given a “later in September” release date, this is what I believe to be the most exciting part of the set of September DLCs. This update allows users to drive around in the Batmobile from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Plow through enemies on the streets or take the Tumbler Batmobile to the races in two themed race tracks for this DLC pack.
  4. Original Arkham Batman Skin: The final update set to release in late September, it allows the user to fight crime in Gotham with the original Arkham Asylum Batman skin.

Being the final piece of the Arkham trilogy, Arkham Knight has already impressed its users and then some with the game and its great DLC packs so far. Although it is still unsure as to when PC users will get to experience all the game has to offer, those playing on the PS4 and Xbox One are continuously creating great mods, finding more things to do in the game, and receiving awesome DLCs from Rocksteady Studios. Tell us your thoughts on the upcoming DLC in the comments!


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