Attack on Titan is Coming to Dead by Daylight

We hope this crossover event is not just cosmetic.



In what has to be one of the more unusual collaborations we have heard of, popular manga/anime franchise Attack on Titan is crossing over into the survival horror world of Dead by Daylight. I know, right?

The official Dead by Daylight Twitter account shared an intriguing post earlier this week confirming the collaboration between the two franchises with an image that shows the Armored Titan looking through a window or doorway. Check it out below:

Aside from a few other Tweets showing off unlockable Attack On Titan-themed charms, no further details were provided on what this crossover would look like or when it would arrive in the multiplayer horror game but, and we have to be honest, if done right, this could be one of the coolest crossover events ever. I mean, think about it.

Imagine that you and up to three other players are attempting to sneak through houses and homes of all shapes and sizes as a massive Titan ravages through the map, stomping villages and trying to catch you. We have no idea how this would work in-game,  but more likely, the Armored Titan, or any other playable Titan for that matter, will probably just be reduced to human size in the form of a skin like some rumors suggest in order to remain consistent with other playable killers in the game.

At this point, we know very little about the crossover as nothing has been confirmed outside the Tweet that simply confirms it is happening. As we mentioned, some rumors floating around suggest that the only Attack On Titan content coming to the game are cosmetics such as the Armored Titan possibly just being an Oni skin and some other survivors like Dwight getting an Eren Yaeger skin which honestly sounds rather lame compared to the thought of having to outrun the Armored Titan chasing after you.

We have no idea just how this crossover would work but if it is just skins, then we may pass. However, if there was a chance that survivors would need to work together to flip on generators in housing structures while outrunning a massive 15-meters tall Titan, you can bet your ass we would pay for that.

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