Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains coming to 3DS


The popular manga turned anime series is taking on the 3rd person gaming perspective, and it looks pretty fantastic.

AoT follows the remainder of the human race as they fight to survive against the Titans, a species of large humanoids that hunt down human beings and devour them in an emotionless cannibalistic fashion. What remains of our species live within a relatively small land mass protected only by a wall 50 meters high. Should be enough to keep out the majority of the Titan species, as most range from 5-20 meters tall. But when a rare one-of-a-kind 60 meter tall “Colossal” Titan breaches the outer-wall, humanities safety falls into peril and human-kind faces extinction.

To combat the Titans, are the Scout Regiment, a brave and courageous group that use blades and grappling points (called omni-directional gear) to swing through the city to reach the height of the Titans and slash their weak-spot, just at the base of the back of the neck, the only way to take down and stop a Titan permanently. Take a look at the trailer for Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains below:



Attack on Titan has just completed their first season over the span of 25 episodes. The finale certainly leaves more questions than answers, but there are hints along the way that create massive speculation as to what can be expected in season 2, expected to release in 2016. Of course, the manga series spans well beyond the first season and answers a lot of questions and spoilers that should be avoided if you have not read it yet. All depends on how you want to reveal to yourself the mysteries that shroud this unique and thrilling story of survival.



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Humanity in Chains does come across a little slow in turns of gameplay, and I say this only after having watched the first season 3 times. The speed of the grappling that comes from the omni-directional gear of the protagonists is definitely something that can get your blood pumping while watching the suspenseful story progress, so while I can say that I am excited for the release of an AoT game, the mechanics seem to be all there, but not really so much in the ways of the adrenaline that should center around the battles. This is of course just a first thought upon what we know of the game thus far, so expectedly, the game needs to be a lot slower in order to maintain a strong sense of control for the player and the various camera angles that pursue.

AoT: HiC will featured online and local co-op supporting up to four players. Customization will be available to some degree, though the gameplay will feature the original Japanese dialogue with english subtitles.

Finally, if you have not seen Attack on Titan (you can catch all of season one on Hulu in Japanese with English subs), the first two episodes can be downloaded and viewed from the eShop accompanying the games release.

Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains comes exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this May.


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