10 Worlds We Want to See in Kingdom Hearts 3



Pixar? Marvel? Star Wars? Here are the movies we want represented in KH3.

With news that Big Hero 6 will be appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 10 other Disney films (or ‘worlds’ as their known in the game) that should appear in the highly anticipated sequel. The criteria for this list is just that these movies would make interesting and unique locations that Sora, Donald and Goofy could visit and battle Heartless in.

These films are not ranked in any specific order, and a couple of worlds on the list that have already appeared in Kingdom Hearts games, simply because they have more potential to offer for the third entry. Let’s begin!

Robin Hood 


Potential World Name: Sherwood Forest

A world based off the 1973 classic Robin Hood would be interesting for a couple of reasons. 1. It means Sora could transform into an animal a la Pride Lands in Kingdom Hearts 2. Lion Sora was fun to play as, and adorable. 2. The titular Robin Hood could be a party member. He is one of the more charismatic Disney protagonists, and an archery based Limit attack could be devastating to foes. The movie also has memorable supporting characters like Little John, and Prince John, the thumb-sucking villain, which would make the world all the more fun and engaging. 

Atlantis: The Lost Empire


Potential World Name: Atlantis (duh)

While the 2001 adventure film didn’t do so hot at the box office, it has gained quite the cult following online, and Atlantis itself would make a great world. A huge strength of the film is its beautiful visuals, as the architecture of Atlantis was vivid and stylized like a comic book, so to see the film come to life again would be breathtaking. Also, the film sported a rather mature storyline, which would benefit the series’ often too easygoing tone. Plus, having Kida be a party member would be incredible; especially considering how few female companions Sora has had in past games.

Symphony of Sorcery (Fantasia)


Symphony of Sorcery is one of two worlds on the list that have already appeared in Kingdom Hearts, this one having specifically appeared on the 3DS exclusive spin-off Dream Drop Distance. However, it deserves to be in Kingdom Hearts 3. It was by far the best world in KH 3D, and easily one of the most interesting worlds to ever appear in the series. This is due to the musical aesthetic of the world, as the only sounds you’ll hear are the classical tunes featured in the original Fantasia. Even when enemies appear, the legendary music continues to play. This musical mechanic was so refreshing when it first appeared, and more can be done with it too, like the inclusion of music or sequences from Fantasia 2000. Symphony of Sorcery demonstrates the kind of creativity needed to make KH3 something new and fantastic.

The Rescuers Down Under

Potential World Name: Down Under

Often forgotten amongst the other classic Disney films that came out around the same time as this sequel to the 1977 original, The Rescuers Down Under is a gorgeous film that needs the Kingdom Hearts treatment. First off, Sora could shrink down to the size of a mouse in order to interact with the rodent protagonists, Bernard and Bianca, similar to Ven in Birth by Sleep. Actually, maybe he should stay the size of a human, since Donald and Goofy are already animals, but whatever, they’ll figure it out. Secondly, the Australian Outback would serve as great location to explore. With giant cliffs, vast forests, and Marahute the golden eagle to ride on, Down Under could be something special.

The Black Cauldron

Potential World Name: Prydain

The Black Cauldron is generally considered to be the black sheep of Disney films. It was a bomb at the box office, and it’s super dark and scary, which would make it a perfect world. The setting of the film, Prydain, is a full-fledged fantasy setting with a gloomy atmosphere and sense of dread in each location. With the exception End of World, few worlds in the series have been able to make the player feel uneasy or freighted, and this is something that is desperately needed, as the previous games rarely have a sense of danger or even high-stakes.

Plus, there’s the Horned King, aka, literal nightmare fuel: the perfect scary boss battle waiting to happen.


The Jungle Book

 Potential World Name: Rhythm Jungle

There is something incredibly enduring about The Jungle Book. I’m not sure if it’s the music, characters, or manic energy, but this is a very special animated film…that for some reason keeps being cut from KH games. A Jungle Book world was planned to be in both the first game in the series and Birth by Sleep, in fact, the world was programmed into the game, but some reason, it was scrapped last-minute.

Hackers have discovered what could have been…

Despite constantly being cut, Jungle Book would make be a perfect world to visit. Picture a lush jungle with varied locations, like King Louie’s palace, and clever boss fights with Kaa or Sheer Khan. Redeem yourself Square Enix, put Jungle Book in Kingdom Hearts.

Toy Story firstnewroom

Potential World Name: Andy’s House

In 2005, Disney purchased Pixar, thus making any of their films fair game for Kingdom Hearts 3. However, I honestly don’t think many of their incredible movies would make good worlds. Pixar films have brilliant and thought-out characterization (minus Cars 2), and this is hard to communicate in a game that encompasses many works in brevity. However, if any of their films could work, it would have to be Toy Story. Shrinking Sora to the size of a toy, and making him one, just makes sense, and with friendship being the most important theme in both of these works, Andy’s House could represent Pixar in a strong way for the upcoming game.

Timeless River


Here’s another world we’ve already been too…and I pray we can go here again. From Kingdom Hearts 2, Timeless River is actually the past version of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy’s world, Disney Castle. Although the explanation for getting there is needlessly complicated, believe me when I say that Timeless River is easily one of the most creative worlds in the series. The world pays homage to the black and white Disney shorts of the 1920s and 30’s, and this aesthetic is brilliantly recreated. Sora is transformed into a simplified cartoony version of himself, you can hear a projector whirling in the background, and the score is purposefully muted and monotone. This world nails tone and atmosphere in ways few other worlds have, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to venture down this river again.


 Potential World Name: Arendelle

Let’s face it; a Frozen world is almost a guarantee at this point. It’s the highest-grossing animated film of all time, a worldwide phenomenon, and “Let it Go” still lingers deep in our subconscious. Everyone wants this film to be in the game, and, yeah, it would make a great world too. Arendelle could not only be a beautiful and distinct snowy landscape, but the Norwegian influence that inspired the film could be reflected in the music as well.

Speaking of music, the game’s co-director Tai Yasue has already discussed how he would like to incorporate Frozen into Kingdom Hearts 3, specifically with musical segments similar to Atlantica in KH2.

While The Little Mermaid musical segments in KH2 are almost universally despised amongst fans, hopefully the music of Frozen will be integrated in intelligent ways. Perhaps through clever battle music arrangements, like the fan-made one below.

Well, this is the last entry on this list, and if you haven’t already noticed, there haven’t been any Marvel or Star Wars worlds. Yes, I know it would be so cool to explore the Death Star, or fight Loki with the Avengers, but honestly, a lot of those films just wouldn’t fit well into the Kingdom Hearts Universe. Obvious lore issues aside, Star Wars is so thematically different that it would clash with what Kingdom Hearts is all about, same goes for Marvel movies…well except maybe one.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Potential World Name: The Galaxy? Deep Space? Uhhh…

Yes, the film about a bunch of A-holes is perfect for Kingdom Hearts. Picture this: Sora and company meet Star Lord and company while flying in the Gummi Ship. The Guardians accidentally attack Sora, which begins a fight between the two groups. However, a Heartless invasion on an innocent world prompts Sora and Star Lord to team up and put their differences behind them.

This may sound like a run-of-the-mill premise, but what’s important here is that Sora would be at odds with the Guardians; he wouldn’t necessarily like them, because after all, they’re A-holes. Sora is always so focused on doing what’s right, so for him to side with a group of morally ambiguous misfits would provide a very necessary opportunity for him to grow as a character. Maybe he learns that everyone is capable of good, and that everything can’t always be categorized as light or darkness. It’s this potential for growth and development that would make Guardians of the Galaxy not necessarily a great world to visit, but rather a great moment in the game, if not the entire series.

Plus, with awesome music and a motherless protagonist, Guardians of the Galaxy is basically a Disney film already. It would fit perfectly in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Any worlds we missed? Any you disagree with? Let us know; and let’s hope Kingdom Hearts 3 exceeds our already sky-high expectations.

Wait…Sky High! That’s another one!

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Jake Culhane
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