Star Fox could be Getting a New Title for the Nintendo Switch, Eventually

Dylan Cuthbert, developer of the cancelled Star Fox 2, is thinking about making a Star Fox game for either the Nintendo Switch or 3DS. This information came from an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit by Cuthbert himself.

Small Chance of Hope Shines in Darkness

The history of previous Star Fox games isn’t bad; but not all that great either. A history of borderline to less successful games can lead to a decision to put a hold on making a sequel to a title. The reception of Star Fox Adventures and Star Fax Zero ranged from bad to modest.

Star Fox Zero was a highly anticipated game; however the Wii U controls was its Achilles ’ heel. Players had very little choice in how to play. Players were forced to use both onscreen and face button controls; instead of having the freedom of choosing one type over the other. The control issue played a big role in the lack of success for a loved favorite among Nintendo fans.

The gory details of the previous Star Fox games made it more of a challenge to convince the leaders of Nintendo to take a chance on Star Fox. However, Cuthbert feels it would be cool to create a Star Fox game using features provided by the hottest selling console of this year known as the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, the hype of functionally and popularity of the Nintendo Switch will convince leaders to give Star Fox another chance to impress Star Fox and Nintendo fans abroad.


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