Marvel is Finally Working on a Black Widow Standalone Movie

The much-anticipated film now has an attached screenwriter. 

MCU fans have been demanding it for years, and now it’s one step closer to happening. Variety reports that  although in “very early development,”  Marvel Studios has hired a Jac Schaeffer to pen the script for a Black Widow standalone film.

Schaeffer is best known for her 2009 film TiMER, and she has written Nasty Women, a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, starring Anne Hathaway and releasing this August.

A Black Widow movie has been long rumored and discussed by Marvel Studios since the character’s introduction in Iron Man 2. Although momentum on the film’s development has been quiet, the loudest advocates of the film are Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, and of course, Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson. Most notably, Feige said in an interview with Deadline a couple of years back that out of supporting MCU heroes like Falcon, Hawkeye, and War Machine, Marvel Studios is committing most “creatively and emotionally” to doing a Black Widow movie.

Although it’s a bummer it hasn’t happened sooner, and no doubt now influenced by the success of Wonder Woman, we’re excited that momentum on a solo adventure with Natasha Romanoff is finally gaining steam. But as the report indicates, it’s going to be a while before production begins. Finding a screenwriter is the first step in a very long development process, so hopefully by the time Marvel announces Phase Four of the MCU, we’ll see Romanoff spearheading the lineup.

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