You’ll Need 5 Billion Years to See Everything in No Man’s Sky


[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]fter stealing the show at this years E3, No Man’s Sky quickly became the talk of the gaming industry across the globe. Through the use of procedural generated in-game algorithms, No Man’s Sky has created the largest playable area for gamers, dwarfing the size of open-world of all MMORPGs to come before it, combined. In fact, the game is so large, that it would take well over 5 billion years to see everything No Man’s Sky has to offer.

No Man’s Sky has created the largest playable area for gamers, and it literally dwarfs any and all open-world MMORPGs that have come before it

To put that in perspective, the sun is likely to have expanded and burned out having scorched the earth much like an over-cooked piece of bacon, having wiped out all life within our solar system, well before you completely visit everything in No Man’s Sky. Keep in mind that planets won’t be the only areas you’ll be spending your time as a first-person shooter. There will be many additional opportunities to play in intergalactic space battles against other gamers and their custom starships. Think of the Rebel Alliance vs The Empire during the many battles of the Star Wars franchise. Pew pew!

No Man's
Pew! Pew!

How is all of this possible? The engine put together by the Hello Games development team was designed to implement a set of procedures, processes, and operations that create creatures, worlds, and everything else to be generated randomly. This is done at a near atomic-level, meaning that all life in the game is just as different as it is here on earth, but on a much grander and larger scale. As if that wasn’t enough, considering the possibility for players to discover planets and solar systems that remained untouched and unseen by others after years of playing means that if you were to travel far enough, you could discover and inhabit your own planet if you choose.

With the entire game shrouded in the great unknown and beyond, one thing is certain; we cannot wait to get our hands on a copy of No Man’s Sky.

Looking for more? Check out our gallery and the trailer for No Man’s Sky here.

Set to initially be a PS4 exclusive, with a PC version to come shortly after, No Man’s Sky is set to be released TBD 2015. The game is in development by Hello Games.


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