Say Hello to No Man’s Sky


It’s safe to say that No Man’s Sky blew everyone away at E3. It looks incredible. What’s even more incredible is that the game is being developed by less than 12 people. To put that in perspective, a game like Uncharted, is typically made by a couple hundred people

In No Man’s Sky, players get to explore entire galaxies and strange, colorful planets. Hello Games said that ‘every atom’ in the game is created within the game’s own engine. The game is procedurally generation which means that the worlds are created in game, rather than being prerendered. What does that mean for the player? Infinite possibilities.

This game is visually stunning. It’s reminiscent of retro-futuristic pulp comic books of the 1950s, with it’s over saturated, over the top, neon tones and colors. This game really strayed away from what most of the other games were doing at E3, which were mostly dark and violent. As different as it may look though, No Man’s Sky is trying to create the same expansive universe as Bungie’s Destiny. If the final version of the game is anything like the trailers and pictures from E3, we’re in for one spectacular game.

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