You Can Finally Catch Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO

They look so beautiful!

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap] shiny pokemon has finally been found in Pokemon GO. During the most recent event, the Water Festival Event, a shiny pokemon was finally released, a shiny Magikarp. You can view it below.

The shiny Magikarp can be found in the wild and while the exact odds of finding one, 1 in 8192 in the handheld Pokemon games, are not known yet it is a safe bet that it is extremely rare. However if you do happen to find a shiny Magikarp it will evolve into a shiny Gyarados, as seen below.

There have not been any shiny Gyarados’ found in the wild so it is uncertain if that is a possibility or not. These are the only two shiny Pokemon in the game right now so start saving up those Magikarp candies and get ready to grind for a shiny Magikarp.

Pokemon GO is available for Apple and Android devices.