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Like most Final Fantasy games, FFXV looks impressive beyond describable words. But with that in mind, how is it that such a long-running series can keep fans coming back for more year after year? Fresh characters, intriguing story, unparalleled visuals, and a gameplay experience that set the bar pretty high for copy-cats and the genre alike. but what makes this one so much different?



Final Fantasy XV has undergone massive changes and promises to deliver a unique story (as they always do) and a style of gameplay that we honestly have not really seen much of in the FF franchise. Real-Time-Combat.

Personally, this is what I have been hoping would be brought to the series for many years, and that is saying something. As a fan of the series since FFVII, the turn-based style was never really my favorite thing, but everything else in a Final Fantasy game made up for any complaints I had about the battle system. So upon hearing how XV was going to deliver in this department, I was more than excited.

Final Fantasy XV still does not have a release date, though we do know it will be on both PS4 and XBO, but for those impatient fans who just can’t wait to play XV, you will be able to get your hands on a piece of the game when you pick up Final Fantasy Type-0 on March 17.

While at PAX East over the weekend, demos of FFXV were being shown, and initial thoughts on the game are coming in left and right, and they are getting us far too anxious for the impending release.

Unlike most games, you play as a single character by the name of Noctis (the only character you play as), which could sound like a disappointment to some fans but keep in mind the difficulties that could be built around bouncing between multiple characters in real-time. It isn’t like changing your characters up at the convenience of it being your turn like in past games. Things are happening on-screen, and in most cases the pals in your party are in battle too. Toggling between them would be a lot of work, so consider it a treat that you’ll be able to at least trade out the equipment of the other 3 NPCs.

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The playable demo that accompanies Type-0 features Episode Duscae, a region within the open-world that FFXV has to offer. The Duscae region is fresh with wildlife among the forest lands that will be available to explore. The wildlife within these lands are vital to the progression of the players stat growth, as not only do these mini battles provide necessary experience points, but the food you prepare for yourself and your crew helps them grow in different skill sets. If you choose not to hunt for the necessary stat food, your group will be required to eat toast, which is poor on nutritional value as well as stat points.

Of course, as featured in the available footage, FFXV comes with a lot of road trips via car, though in order to get the best feel for the land, a lot of exploration by foot will also be necessary considering the battles you will encounter whether it be for stat points, experience, or to progress to the next playable areas for missions, etc.

It should also be noted that there are bits of civilization you will come across, with NPCs hanging around outposts, gas stations, and of course the massive cities teased by previous footage. Chocobos also make their return as rental forms of transportation at available ranches, though don’t be surprised if you can own one at some point.

While it is indeed a bummer that we have to wait so long for such a potentially ambiguous release, seeing as we still have no real idea when the game will be released (hopefully in 2015), the progress Square Enix is making does seem to be making it worth the wait. Of course, if you must play the game sooner than later, you will definitely want to pre-order FF Type-0 while you still can as supplies may not last for the playable demo seeing how supplies are severely limited, apparently.

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