Toonami Has an Important, Impactful Message You Should Hear Regarding #BLM

Toonami host Tom has an important message for everyone about equality and the value of black lives.

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to sweep the nation as more injustice seems to rear its ugly head against black citizens in the U.S. Among those getting involved with such an important and critical social movement is Toonami host Tom and the staff of Toonami itself.

Earlier this weekend, Tom (voiced by Steven Blum) took a moment to deliver an extremely powerful message regarding the value of black lives and how we all must stand together to fight injustice and support each other during these seemingly desperate times.

This comes from YouTuber CabooseJr

A little background: this piece came together because a group of Toonami staff came to me and asked, “are we going to address this clearly?” I agreed with them that we should. This piece was produced, co-written, and edited by our Black staff members. They all did an amazing job. Special shoutout to @stupidgill who wrote the backbone and shepherded it home as well. I work with some very good people and I hope you felt our sincerity, even if it made you uncomfortable. Thanks for watching, as always. We at #toonami know we can only do so much with our platform but we wanted to be clear what our little block stands for. Equality, compassion, love, and strength are at the core of so much of our programming and at the core of the message we want Toonami to deliver.

-Jason Demarco, SVP/Creative Director, Adult Swim. Co-creator, Toonami

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