Toei has Revealed the first Teaser for the Upcoming ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Film

The animation looks crisp and fresh with a whole new villain. A Saiyan has no limits, but with Goku be enough to face and overcome this new mysterious foe? Probably. It is Dragon Ball, after all. 



As you can see from the clip above and the screenshots below, the animation has a whole fresh new look and style to it, something that Dragon Ball Super fans in particular will appreciate after some major issues with animation quality when the series began late last year. 



The film, which has the ‘Super’ titlecard, is set to release in December. No further details regarding the plot or time in which it fits in the series has been confirmed. Additionally, the film may or may not be considered canon among the series, but as we draw closer to this holiday season, we should know more for sure. 

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