‘Titanfall’ Update Adds New Co-op Mode


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he “biggest update” ever comes to Titanfall.

One of the biggest components of the update, which goes live today, is that the game is now offering a new 4-player co-op mode. This is the first instance in which the game offers a way to play that doesn’t involve playing against other players.

Respawn announced that in the new game-mode, Frontier Defense, you and three others will take on hordes of AI-controlled enemies as you try and defend a point on an already-existing game map. Respawn also revealed that some of the enemies you will be fighting off are new types that have not been seen before in the game. AI enemies will be able to use all weapon and grenade types, and Specters will have the ability to rodeo your Titan, just like in the player-versus-player modes.

You and your team will also have the ability to fortify your defense between enemy waves by placing sentry turrets around, adding another element of firepower.

4-players can now work together to fight of hordes of AI enemies
4-players can now work together to fight of hordes of AI enemies

If you die in the middle of a wave, the game isn’t necessarily over. You will be able to return to the battle via a dropship (which you can shoot from). If your entire team is wiped out, you can still continue, however it will negatively effect the star rating you’re assigned based on your performance.

In addition to Frontier Defense, two other less substantial modes are being introduced in the update. Marked for Death Pro, is like the existing Marked for Death mode, but implements a single-elimination, round-based mode. Deadly Ground is the other new mode. Here, the ground of each map is covered with a deadly fog, restricting players to using rooftops and walls when moving (“The floor is lava! The floor is lava!”).

For a full rundown of features in the new update, you can head to Titanfall‘s website here!

Titanfall is available now for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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