‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Will Take Place in Los Angeles


[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]e’ve all heard about the upcoming production of a Walking Dead spinoff, and for a long time, fans have wondered where this act of the zombie apocalypse would be set. Well ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer: Los Angeles. Fans of the show have constantly voiced their desire to know what is happening outside of the Atlanta area, where The Walking Dead currently takes place, and now we get to see how blue California handles the end of the world.

The next question fans are asking is if the show will actually be shot in the City of Angels. There have been numerous shows that take place in the LA/Long Beach area that were not shot in their stories’ setting. Vancouver is often a stand in for Los Angeles, Miami is often a stand in for Long Beach, and vice versa. Some notable shows that use these sister cites are: Dexter and CSI Miami, both of which are set in Miami but shot in Long Beach; and The L Word, which is set in West Hollywood, but shot in Vancouver.

No matter where the spinoff is shot, it can be certain that writers will have infinite amounts of fun torturing us with who gets killed off, as there is no Comic/Graphic Novel to follow as far as story goes this time, so viewers will have no warning when a character is about to die. Let’s just hope there are hipster zombies in the Arts District…

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