The New Features for Elder Scrolls Online


As Elder Scrolls Online transitions to a one-time payment system, several new features get folded in.

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s of this week, The Elder Scrolls Online will be renamed Tamriel Unlimited. Zenimax Online released a launch trailer to go along with the update during their weekly ESO Live! Stream last week. The trailer walks us through many of the features and content packs since Elder Scrolls Online launched in May 2014.

A big change is the long-awaited Justice System. The feature was announced last year at QuakeCon and went live earlier this month. This lets players murder and steal from anyone in the game. I know what you’re thinking, kind of psychotic, but it has been one of the staples of The ElderScrolls franchise for some time now. This could also be a step in adding the missing Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood quests that mostly deal with murder and thievery.

The Tamriel Unlimited update will also mark The Elder Scrolls official transition to a buy-to-play model. User may now purchase them game and then play as much as they would like, and forgo the $15 per month subscription that ESO requires at launch. If you are currently a subscriber, you can continue your monthly payment, and will be upgraded to a ESO Plus account which grants a number of in-game bonuses including cosmetic and convenience items.

Tamriel Unlimited launched March 17, but the price for the relaunch game has yet to be released.


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