‘The Boy and the Beast’ From Mamoru Hosoda Is Coming to US Theaters

FUNimation has once again given us the gift of great anime. Are You excited? You should be (watching).


It was announced today that the latest film from critically acclaimed  Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda will be coming to US theaters this spring. Fans will be able to see the English subtitled version, the English dubbed version or both. This is exciting for two reasons, the first is that this will be the first time that the English dub will be seen by the general public. The second is that Hosoda worked closely with the English dub project to make sure that the voice cast matched his vision for the film. CEO and founder of Funimation, Gen Fukunaga had this to say:

“We’re very proud to showcase our English dub for the US theatrical release of ‘The Boy and the Beast’. It was a rare opportunity to work so closely with a film’s director on a dub production and doubly so with Mamoru Hosoda – arguably the world’s most prominent anime director.”

The “Boy and the Beast” will be the story of a young orphan who comes across the world of beasts. He is adopted by Kumuatesu, a warrior beast searching for an apprentice. Over time they build a bond together and are the only two who can stop the chaotic threat trying to destroy their worlds.

Here is the complete cast for the English dub:


Kyuta (Young)                   Luci Christian

Kyuta (Teen)                      Eric Vale

Kumatetsu                         John Swasey

Kaede                                  Bryn Apprill

Chico                                    Monica Rial

Hyakushubo                      Alex Organ

Tatara                                  Ian Sinclair

Iozen                                    Sean Hennigan

Ichirohiko (Young)           Morgan Berry

Ichirohiko (Teen)             Austin Tindle

Jiromaru (Young)             Brittney Karbowski

Jiromaru (Teen)                Josh Grelle

Kyuta’s Mother                Jessica Cavanagh

Kyuta’s Father                   Chuck Hüber

Lord                                      Steve Powell


Funimation has previously brought two of Hosodas films to the US, the award winning “Wolf Children” in 2013 and “Summer Wars” in 2010. Already does “The Boy and the Beast” have a lot of hype around it, as it was recently nominated for Best Animated Feature-Independent in the 43rd Annual Annie Awards.

Tickets for the movie will go on sale February 5th and may be purchased here at funimationfilms.com/theboyandthebeast.

The Boy and the Beast will open on March 4th in theaters all across the US.



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