Take a Look at the First ‘Batman: Bad Blood’ Trailer

Hello Batwoman and Batwing! 

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]t NYCC we saw a whole host of exciting upcoming releases, and in the animated world, Batman: Bad Blood looks like one of the most promising original DC animated feature films to come out next year, straight-to-DVD. 

The premise of the film centres around the disappearance of our favourite dark knight. Whilst Batman is missing, it’s up to Nightwing and Robin to keep Gotham in check, whilst two very welcome additions to the DC animated world makes their debut – the ever awesome Batwoman (Kathy Kane) and Batwing (Luke Fox). Kane tries to find out just where our caped crusader has disappeared off to, and Fox lends a helping hand. 

That’s right, Batwoman is perhaps one of the most exciting additions to this upcoming animated feature, and she’ll be voiced by Yvonne Strahovski, who’s known as the voice and face of Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2.  

Batwoman comicvine
Photo Souce: Comic Vine

DC continues to spoil us with the other welcome addition to the DC animated universe, Luke Fox, aka Batwing. Batwing will be voiced by Gaius Charles, and he is sure to add an extra dose of awesomeness to the Batfamily. 

Photo Source: Comic Vine

It looks like Kane manages to get herself into a spot of trouble, and as a consequence, Batman steps in, saves her, and then vanishes. We know this thanks to actor Jason O’Mara – the voice of Batman – who let slip the initial premise of the film in an interview at NYCC. 

O’Mara: Basically it picks up with Batman kicking ass…as he does, very well, and [he] gets a little out of his depth. I’m just going to tell you what happens –  Batwoman comes along…she’s using guns, and that’s not really Batman’s thing, and she gets herself into a little trouble. Batman sacrifices himself in order to save her, and is never seen, or heard from again. 

How mysterious. 

The film is set to follow on from the most recent animated films from the DC universe, Son of Batman and Batman vs. Robin, and will be the first animated feature in the trilogy that is not based on a comic. The aforementioned O’Mara is of course reprising his role, along with Stuart Allen and Sean Maher, who will be back as Robin and Nightwing.

Jay Oliva is also returning from Batman vs. Robin, and has taken on the director’s helm once more, along with writer J.M. DeMatteis. 

Check out the debut trailer below, along with a follow-up interview with some of the cast:

Batman: Bad Blood will be out on DVD sometime in 2016. 



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