These Guys Made a Mortal Kombat VR Experience, Featuring Sub-Zero

K&K Productions' latest YouTube video features one cool Mortal Kombat character doing what he does best- turning bad guys into icicles.

K&K Productions is known for doing a wide variety of stunt and action-based content, with many videos relating to Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and comic book properties. This time around, they are taking things beyond Mortal Kombat 11 with VR experience that acts as a sort of sequel to the game.

The video is from the perspective of a viewer wearing a VR headset while watching Sub-Zero freeze a bunch of bad guys and kick the sh*t out of them into a pile of ice cubes.

Ice to see you. No wait, chill out. No, no, wait, that one was pretty cool. Ha, got ’em.”

MORTAL KOMBAT VR 180 | SUB ZERO faces off against Shirai ryu ninjas out for revenge! Following on from the events of #MK11 experience #MORTALKOMBAT in a way never seen before. Strap on your VR headset and watch the Lin Kuei Grandmaster at work! #VR180

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