Star Wars Arma III has AT-ATs and even Miley Cyrus

DICE released a trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront in April showing off an enormous AT-AT. It would seem that the AT-AT has made its way into Arma III, thanks to a fan-made mod.

Ruppertle, a modder, brought an AT-AT and several Stormtroopers to Arma III by using the “ATAT Madness” mod. Ruppertle said in the description for the YouTube video, “This is an old Mod project I made over a year ago and never finished. I wanted to share some impressions of the first in game test. This Walker was never finished and was just a test! The walk animations are very [poorly] done with o2 but it does the job. I don’t think I will ever finish so enjoy the video hope you guys like it”.

The “O2” that Ruppertle is referring to is called a O2 Engine and is used to make mods. Check out the video below to see the AT-AT in action and a special appearance by Miley Cyrus.

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