Secret Codes Found & Deciphered In ‘Batman Arkham Knight’ Trailer


[dropcap size=small]E[/dropcap]agle-eyed fans have unlocked a new section of the Batman Arkham Knight website for after noticing secret codes included in the game’s latest trailer.

The trailer, which showcased the game’s squad of supervillains, contained three secret codes that sent internet detectives everywhere into a frenzy.

The first two cryptic codes were spotted fairly easily, and can be seen in the trailer. The first code appears around the 0:25 mark, and reads “pPL2a3Mn Ppi3mAMpyL2.” the second code appears near the 1:47 mark, and reads “c Rcn3n3 N2Jn3tjHn2.” For the record, I still can’t see either of them…

Later, the Arkham Knight website was updated to incldue a code input options. Entering an incorrect code returns the phrase, “Incorrect password. Please locate cipher.” Entering one of the codes found in the trailer, however, returns the phrase “Please decode cipher instructions and use elsewhere.”

"I've got it! I've got it!"
“I’ve got it! I’ve got it!”

This sent code-crackers into overdrive, and suddenly it was like acting out The Imitation Game. Many began gathering on reddit collectively crack the enigma, and try and hunt down the yet-to-be-discovered third code.

The third code eventually found about seven seconds into the trailer. Then, one Reddit user managed to crack the code by realizing that the letters in each one would spell out a character’s name, which when lined up with the alphabet in a certain pattern, decodes three clues.

The clues refer to lines of dialogue and locations included in the Arkham Asylum game. A code which contained letters of the name Harley Quinn, once decoded, would return the clue “her first line.” Harley Quinn’s first line in Arkham Asylum is “yeah right,” which is the correct password for the website.

The remaining passwords, and the detective work required to crack them, can be found here. When each password is entered on the Arkham Knight website, it returns bios on three of the villains. So, basically what probably amounted to hours of grueling detective work ultimately rewards you with something you probably could look up on Wikipedia in a matter of minutes.

At least it’s fun, right?



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