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Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will be here before you know it, and in anticipation of release this November, news comes spilling in on what to expect in these highly-anticipated remakes of the classic Hoenn games. Aside from the original announcement of the actual games, this might just be the most exciting bit of news yet: Bases. Yes, Bases. Ever wish you could become your own Pokeémon Gym Leader? Well, now you can.

While connected to a wi-fi network, players can create their own “Base”, which can become a player’s own custom home or even a rad Pokémon Gym. Customization includes dolls, equipment, furniture, even tricks and other fun things for other visitors. Trainers can hang out, favor certain player bases, and become a member to an existing base, all under the roof you construct with rules you choose for Pokémon Battles!

Another interesting aspect will be the ability to steal player base flags. Each day (and once per day), players are allowed to “steal flags”, and collecting them improves players’ ranks to earn rewards. Being able to go to another base and taking another players flag as a boasting right sounds like it could be a lot of fun, and may be a unique way to irritate your friends. We can hardly wait.

“Super-Secret Bases are an awesome new way to express your creativity and join up with friends in the upcoming Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games. Create a Secret Base that’s all your own, including selecting and placing Decorations however you like. You can use Decorations to create tricks in your Secret Base, decide the rules for what kind of Pokémon battles are allowed there, and make it like your very own Pokémon Gym! Then get ready for other players to come and challenge you! 

To help you get started with Super-Secret Bases, you’ll meet Secret Base Expert Aarune. Aarune and his Flygon are world travelers, bursting with excitement about the Secret Base culture in the Hoenn region. This enthusiastic adventurer will teach you all about the fun of Secret Bases during your journey.” –


Developed by Game Freak, distributed by the Pokémon Company and Nintendo, November 21, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come exclusively the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. 


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