These Fan-Made Videos Show Off What ‘Rick and Morty’ Would Be Like as an Anime Series

Some amazing fans put together some seriously impressive work into these anime-style intros featuring Rick and Morty.



YouTube animators are a dime a dozen, but every so often one stands out among the rest and blows your mind with their incredible talent. This is the case with animators Malec and Fienamation.

Malec, which is featured in the video above, took to doing an anime intro, music and all, with Rick and Morty, even containing several pinnacle moments within the first few seasons of the actual show, including Giant Arm Morty and Pickle Rick.

Look, Morty. I’m an anime! I am ANIME RICK!!

On the flip side, Fienamation too chose to do an anime intro, though this was showing off some of what fans expect to see in the upcoming Season 4 (debuting on Nov 10th at 11:30p on [adult swim]).

In Fienamation’s anime intro, we see Phoenix Person and Rick battling along with what appears to be a rise of Evil Morty (which we know is happening based on Season 3). Have a look:


Both of these fan-made anime intros came out in 2018, and really show so much time and dedication that need to be appreciated. Honestly, I had no idea that these were even a thing, but I just happened to be bored and looked up ‘Rick and Morty anime’ on Google and lo and behold, these results popped up.

Malec, Fienamation, we tip our fedoras to you both. Keep up the great work.

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