Resurrection ‘F’ Coming to More than 70 Countries Worldwide this Summer

The 19th film in the Dragon Ball series is getting ready to hit a relatively large worldwide release this summer.

5 saiyansDragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ had it’s first showing on April 11 of this year. The showing included media abroad, some of the original Japanese voice cast, and English cast as well as some of the staff here at GO. One week later, the film opened up in Japan to an $8 million opening weekend across 658 theaters beating box office revenues of 2013’s Battle of Gods significantly.

Battle of Gods received wide-spread acclaim, and early reviews have been nothing shy of favorable towards Resurrection ‘F’. Because of this, the films release this summer will expand over 74 countries across the globe.

Resurrection ‘F’ was the first film to have opened in Japanese 3D IMAX, an experience anime fans will surely want to partake this summer, assuming the movie will be available in IMAX once more. Nothing beats watching the prince of ALL Saiyans putting the beat down on Frieza on a 50 ft screen.


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Following the release of the film this summer, or at least the events of Resurrection ‘F’, will be a brand new series which continues the Dragon Ball legacy. Dragon Ball ‘S’ (Super) sees our heroes in a time of peace while dealing with what it means to be a Super Saiyan God in a universe that just got a whole lot bigger with characters the likes of Beerus the God of Destruction, Whis, and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman joining the mainstream cast.

Though not much is known about the upcoming series just yet, news and plot details will likely be available any time now considering the series debuts in Japan this July.


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