Dragon Ball Super’s First Look at Super Saiyan Rose

A rose by any other name... Wait, what?

For those of you who are not quite caught up [SPOILERS]…

A lot has happened in the events leading up to the 50- some odd episodes of Dragon Ball Super, subsequently introducing new heroes, villains, and even Super Saiyans. Among all of this, a fan favorite character has returned, Future Trunks! But naturally, Trunks only returns to the past when he needs something. And this time, its to face off against an opponent far stronger than Cell or the maniacal Androids.

Peace was short-lived in the Future for Trunks, with the inclusion of a new enemy, and new threat in the form of… Goku? Well, not REALLY Goku, but the literal form of Goku. Basically, an dark entity that has Goku’s looks is wreaking havoc in the Trunks’ time, though he never figures out this villain’s name, he is referred to as “Black” due to his dark aura and dark clothes.

Black is, more or less, pure evil, with the drive to bring “justice” to the future (whatever that means), however we still do not know much about the character accept that he hops around through time, and that Beerus and Whis both recognize Black’s aura, to an extent. With little to go on, Black’s origin makes him all the more dangerous, and that puts him at a major advantage of the clueless Z-heroes (or is it S-heroes now?). In any case, Black is about to unveil a new ability, and a new transformation that appears to rival that of a Super Saiyan God- even a Super Saiyan Blue!

Check out below to witness the newest transformation:

As in the preview for Episode 56 above, Super Saiyan Blue form is laying the beatdown on Black and without any scratches, Black will be transforming into what is known as Super Saiyan Rose.

The pink hair glows so bright that it almost appears white with a devilish purple aura, even giving off a majestic kind of menancing vibe. Super Saiyan Rose seems to be the counterpart to Super Saiyan Blue and fans are already speculating the raw power behind it. The episode promises that both the Blue forms of Goku and Vegeta will have to team up if they plan on stopping Super Black Rose. If that’s the case, it is looking like Super Saiyan Rose may just be the most powerful transformation to date. One can only wonder how truly powerful Black is and if this is even his final form!

Be sure to check out episode 56 next week of Dragon Ball Super to see if two Blue Saiyans can beat a Black Rose Saiyan!


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