‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Introduces Super Saiyan 3 Bardock

The Japan-exclusive game revealed Super Saiyan 3 Bardock during the events of the battle between Beerus and Super Saiyan God Goku.

[dropcap size=small]F[/dropcap]irst, let us explain what Dragon Ball Heroes is; a card based strategy game that features all sorts of interesting clips depicting characters new and old, and transformations old and new.

“The Data Carddass Dragon Ball Z video game series debuted in 2005, and was only released on arcade in Japan. Those games are played with cards, similarly to the 1992 game Dragon Ball Z: Gekitō Tenkaichi Budōkai, and the game graphics of the series are similar to that of the Budokai series (also developed by Dimps). The only non-arcade game of the series are the 2013 Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission and its 2014 sequel Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2.” – Dragon Ball Wiki

Okay, to break it down, the game is arcade based, with players using cards to insert into the machine and complete story machines, that have caught up with the events of Dragon Ball XenoVerse and beyond where we are currently with Dragon Ball Super, going so far as to being right about the same time as Battle of Gods. The events in the trailer below seem to run parallel to this while Goku is either sparring or facing off against Beerus for the first time while as a Super Saiyan God.

We have long since suspected that Future Trunks and his Time Patrol companions, including the Supreme Kai of Time would be joining up with cast and events of Dragon Ball Super, though this might not ever really come to fruition. Fans of the series, myself included, constantly debate over what is considered canon between video game appearances, anime v manga, the dialogue of the Japanese anime v English anime, there is just too much out there to know for sure. But what we do know, is that there are 12 universes/dimensions that will be featured in some way in Dragon Ball Super. Whether this includes a universe/dimension that features deceased Saiyans receiving Super Saiyan 3 upgrades and transformations in the after life, is anyone’s guess. Heck, in some alternate timeline, they may not even have been killed off, but who knows?

Regardless of continuity debates over what is officially canon or not, it is still cool to see these characters in some capacity receiving new transformations, regardless of the medium they showcase these abilities.


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