Quentin Tarantino Expresses an Interest in Directing a Star Trek film

In a quick moment, QT is caught at the airport by a TMZ correspondent who got a surprising response to whether or not he would direct a Star Trek film.

The clip, which is about 21 seconds in length and can be watched here, shows Quentin getting ready to presumably board a flight where he is met with a camera in his face by a member of the TMZ staff. The staff member asks in a hurry whether or not Tarantino would consider stepping into the director’s chair for Star Trek, to which QT hesitates, then replies that he would at least have a meeting to discuss it.

TMZ: If Star Trek genuinely wanted you would you direct them?

QT: Uh… Uh… It would be worth having a meeting about…


Riveting. Absolutely riveting. Superb line of questioning.


CBS’ Star Trek Discovery is the latest incarnation of the franchise’s growing universe, which debuted on Sunday with a single episode, whereas the following episodes will only be available via CBS’ streaming service. The decision to this was largely met with criticism from fans who refuse to pay extra to watch a show that will no longer debut on the cable network.



Whether you are a fan of Star Trek or not, you can’t deny that QT directing a new film for the franchise is a far better decision than teasing fans with the first episode of Star Trek Discovery before forcing them to pay an extra $10/month to watch the rest of the series.

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