PU’s Battlegrounds to receive Update/Patch with New Guns



Everyone has those rounds in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds where you only find AK’s and P92’s right? Us to.
Due to a bug, we’ve been experiencing an issue where some items either spawned more or less than intended. This was discovered in the process of modifying the spawn table internal structure for developing custom games, and after following and testing the issue, we discovered that a similar issue was present throughout all spawn tables.

So today’s patch notes, to be applied to the beta environment, has a whole bunch of changes that will not only address the bug but also improve the overall spawn rate of items in the first place. This patch will also include the Groza Bullpup assault rifle, and the Glock 18-C selective fire pistol. According to the PUBG development team, “this is our first real pass at adjusting the loot balance in the game after the data science team started their analysis,” and will be just the first of many such passes.
Here is what you can expect from the latest update:
Care Package Changes

  • New weapon, the Groza, was added. This weapon may only be acquired in Care Packages.
    VSS will no longer be found in Care Packages. It will remain to be spawned in the map.
    At a low probability, you will be able to acquire AR Silencers and SR Silencers in Care Packages.
    At a low probability, you will be able to acquire 4x Scopes in Care Packages

World Spawn Changes

  • New weapon, a 9mm pistol with full auto mode, the P18C, was added.
    Spawn rate of SCAR-L was decreased to better fit the weapon’s tier.
    Spawn rate of UMP was slightly decreased.
    Spawn rate of UZI was slightly increased.
    Level 1 Helmet was being spawned at a much higher rate than the Level 1 Vest, and the spawn rate was adjusted so that both items will be spawned at a similar rate.

If you are the type of player to hunt down Care Packages, then you might be disappointed. 4x Scopes can now spawn in Care Packages along with an AR Silencer. Definitely going to be different when finding a 4x instead of an 8x Scope after fighting for a Care Package.
PUBG is coming to the Xbox Live later this year but is currently only available on PC.


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