PlayStation 5 Official Website is Up But Doesn’t Show Us Much

We still don't know what the PS5 will look like, but now we can sign up for details when Sony decides to share it.

Sony is all ready to go with the launch of the PS5 official website but there is nothing more to show. We still don’t know what it looks like, but we do know some key specs the console will be packed with, what the logo looks like, and that Sony plans to release it this holiday season.

We’ve begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we’re not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation.

The website has a sign-up section that allows you to be among the first to receive updates as we announce them, including news on the PS5 release date, PS5 price and the upcoming roster of PS5 launch games.

Some Key PS5 Specs: 

  • Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset
  • Upgradeable SSD storage system
  • Backward compatibility with current PS4 titles
  • Up to 8K TV support



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