Pokemon GO Finally Adds Leafeon, Glaceon, and More in New Update

The new update from Niantic sees a variety of new Pokemon available in Pokemon GO, particularly the inclusion of the Grass and Ice evolutions of Eevee.

Pokemon (GO) fans rejoice! New Sinnoh Pokemon are available in the popular mobile game for the first time, including fan favorites Glaceon and Leafeon (which you can see for yourself in the featured image above of the verified tweet below).

Over on the Silph Road subreddit, users have gathered together to share their findings, including a shiny Leafeon, and the discovery of Glaceon as well. The requirement for some of the recently included evolutionary forms is a few new Lure Modules, which are available in the shop to buy. Apparently, you use these Modules and a new option to evolve Pokemon appears available to you. Time to use my last two Shiny Eevee!

New Pokemon in the wild:

  • Cherubi and Cherrim

  • Burmy

  • Gible and Gabite

  • Shellos (both forms available everywhere?)

  • Hippopotas

New Pokemon through evolution at the new lures (No Sinnoh Stone required!):

It has been noted that the new wild Pokemon appearances (not Glaceon, Leafeon, etc), are not Lure exclusive, though it is important to reiterate that you do need a specific Lure Module to evolve certain Pokemon. You can buy them individually for 200 PokeCoins in the Item Shop, but it is not clear if these Lures are available through other means at this time (though it does seem like they probably will be, hopefully). These Lure Modules are set to last 30 minutes, and will work for your evolutions even if you are not the one to have used it at the PokeStop. The stops, we are told, will have an icon for evolution so you can get the Leafeon, Glaceon, or whatever else you are after with relative ease.


Arrow actor, Colton Haynes is an avid fan of Pokemon GO, often posting to social media regarding lucky and shiny Pokemon he has caught. In a recent post, he managed to get a Lucky Leafeon.

One Reddit user by the name of psh8989 noted that there are some interesting Pokemon that pop-up at the use of these Lure Modules. “Also, as far as special Pokemon spawning near the new lures, I’ve seen Magnemite, Electabuzz, and Skarmory appearing near Magnetic Lures (with the pink circles under them denoting lure spawn). None others yet. IVs do not appear to be boosted either (in that I’m getting a range of 0-15 in partly cloudy weather, which is expected).

There seems to be a lot of new ‘Mons to catch out there in the wild, so what are you waiting for? Stop reading, go for a walk, and starting catching ’em all!



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