Overwatch’s New PvE Mode is here. Overwatch Uprising!

New Overwatch Mode

Last Night on March 11, 2017 Blizzard released it’s latest update for Overwatch: Origins Edition. This update is primarily focused on the brand new Overwatch “Uprising” event. From now until May 1st, the event is available for you and four allies to gather online and to protect Kings Row from the waves of rogue robots. This is the second co-op brawl mode Blizzard has tested out on Overwatch, the first being “Junkenstein’s Revenge”. While Junkenstein’s Revenge only contained three modes of difficulty, (easy, medium, and hard) the uprising event contains a new legendary mode.

The mode comes with two gameplay options in the arcade section: PvE Uprising(all heroes), and PvE Uprising. The difference between the two modes is PvE Uprising(all heroes) allows you to select from the entire Overwatch roster, while PvE Uprising only allows you to select Mercy, Tracer, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. The mode is highly intense with never a dull moment. Blizzard has done a wonderful job with this mode, and it is surely to please, and possibly exceed, all your Overwatch desires.

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