Official Moon Knight Trailer Shows Off What We Can Expect in Upcoming Disney+ Series

Welcome to chaos. Watch the new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and start streaming the original series on March 30 on Disney+.

This looks rad. So far, of all the Disney+ Marvel shows, this one looks to be more on the intense side of things. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved every single show up to this point but Moon Knight has me more interested than any other so far. Check out the trailer with Oscar Isaac as the titular character below:

The sheer brutality of the fight, the visual representation of Spector’s transformation, and the thrilling stress factor that the leading man goes through is going to make us question what is real and what isn’t.

Also, Since when did Ethan Hawke start transforming into Kevin Bacon?

Ethan Hawke also joins Isaac as the big bad for season one as a cult leader named Arthur Harrow. While we do not know much about the character he is playing, we look forward to seeing just how his involvement in the latest Disney+ show helps turn Steven/Marc into the popular comic hero.

Moon Knight debuts exclusively on Disney+ on March 30th.

Marc Tammer
Marc Tammer
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