Report: Nintendo Looking to Move More 3DS Titles to Switch to Boost Switch Lite Sales

The 3DS is dead. Long live the Switch! Now bring over all the classics to boost the appeal of Switch Lite.

Nintendo has always been very confident in their handheld devices, and for good reason. No other company out there has been able to touch Nintendo on that front since the release of the original GameBoy, all the way until the timely demise of the 3DS. Now, with the Nintendo Switch breaking barriers and bridging the gap between home console and handheld device, Nintendo recognizes a major opportunity to capitalize financially, and please fans on a global scale.

Since the release of the Switch, sales records have been breaking left and right for Nintendo and again, for good reason. The device is awesome, fun, and so much more. The only thing that is missing is a plethora of titles that would do very well on the device. Sure, we have Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros., all the must-haves. But there is so much more potential here, and Nintendo recognized that with the introduction of the cheaper Switch Lite.

After the 3DS ceased production, many fans wondered if there would be a possibility of bringing over to Switch, the classic games that debuted on GameBoy/GameBoy Color, and made its way to 3DS. I mean, why wouldn’t Nintendo want to? Fans love earlier Pokemon and Mario titles, and we could certainly do with more variety.

Well, according to reports, we may be getting our wish soon.

Switch Lite is fully compatible with all of the primary Switch titles. The only difference between the two is that Switch has removable Joy Con controllers and Lite does not, as they are built in. This means that the Lite is sort of replacing the 3DS, while still being able to support all of the Switch titles, respectively.

Nintendo had reported that the Switch Lite has sold more than two million units in less than two weeks since its launch on Sept 20th, which suggests Nintendo is going to double-down on the device and give it some extra love, which in turn could mean big things for the Switch line of products as a whole.

A surprise, analysts say, is regional breakdown of Lite sales. It’s similar to console’s, selling 800k in U.S. vs 390k in Japan. Usually, Japan leads handheld at launch with U.S. catching up at end of life cycle. Analysts say Lite might have found new market in the U.S. – Takashi Mochizuki / WSJ

This news could mean that we will likely get more classic titles and hopefully this includes NES, SNES, GameCube, and Wii titles, and not just 3DS. With titles like Overwatch, Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, and more already available on the Switch, its clear that the device has enough power to handle pretty much any existing Nintendo title to day, so keep your fingers crossed with us that Super Mario Sunshine, Pokemon Fire Red, and everything in-between will call the Switch “home” some day.

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