SPOILERS! Suicide Squad has Another Justice League Member Besides Batman




Suicide Squad, the latest entry in the DC Extended Universe, is coming to theaters this Friday. It’s no secret that Ben Affleck’s take on the Dark Knight will have a cameo appearance in the film, but what about other Justice League members? Is Batman the only hero in the film? 

Apparently not. 

In the new trailer of the film that debuted during Comic-Con, many eagle-eyed fans have identified a frame that appears to indicate the Flash will appear in Suicide Squad


Above is the frame in question. We see what appears to be Captain Boomerang being knocked down by a burst of blue lightning, similar to the special effect used to show when Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) enters the Speed Force in the Justice League trailer

Decent evidence, sure, but additional confirmation came when the final cast list of the film was revealed, which includes Ezra Miller billed as Flash. 

And finally, further confirmation comes from Captain Boomerang himself, Jai Courtney. 


During a press event for the film, Cinemablend’s Sean O’Connell interviewed Courtney on his role. The site learned that there is a scene in the film that shows how Boomerang ends up in Belle Reve prison (where he would eventually be recruited for Task Force X), and that it would indeed involve Flash foiling one of Boomerang’s schemes. However, Courtney apparently never actually filmed that scene with Miller. 

Courtney: It was news to me! When I saw the movie, that was the first I knew of it.

O’Connell: You didn’t do the scene with Ezra?

Courtney: No.

O’Connell: Let’s explore that, please!

Courtney: That was, whether is was something they knew or not, it was never mentioned [to me]. And so I am probably of the belief that was all by design in order to f-ing, you know, just keep it [secret]. I don’t know how it got leaked, but I would have assumed they wouldn’t have dropped that gem until, you know, they would have just let people see the movie.

Well, the scene is a secret no more. While it’s a bummer the scene was spoiled, hopefully it will still be a fun cameo in film that isn’t getting the greatest of reviews. We’ll have to wait and see till Friday. 

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5. 


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