Microsoft Cancels ‘Fable Legends,’ Lionshead Studio to Close

Microsoft plans to close not only the studio responsible for the Fable series, but other studios in Europe as well.

[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]icrosoft is an entertainment juggernaut when it comes to the gaming industry and in doing so the companies oversees the work of many different studios that develop new titles for the gaming industry, specifically Xbox One and Microsoft 10. Many studios, like the widely reknown studio 343 Industries, are responsible for developing incredibly successful games while others, such as BigPark, [Fun]ction, Good Science, LXP (Leap Experience Pioneers), Project Spark, and Sota have been shut down due to lack of success. Unfortunately, it seems like Lionshead Studio is the newest edition to the list.


When Fable was initially released the game was met with a huge amount of praise and adoration. The game was beautiful, well made and it firmly established a solid fanbase for itself. While the other Fable games were not as great as the first Fable critics and fans were still happy with the game’s content and the direction that Lionhead Studios had taken the game. However, when it comes to releasing new games that continue to carry on a series’ title, it becomes increasingly difficult to create new content and still capture and hold on to what fans loved about the game in the first place.

While we can’t possibly be sure that Microsoft decided to shut down Fable Legends and Lionhead Studios because of these possible reasons, you can be certain that the company’s reasoning for making this decision was well thought out. You can read Hanno Lemke, the General Manager of Microsoft Studios Europe, statement about Microsoft’s decision here.



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