New Fable Game Finally Revealed During Xbox Series X Showcase

After all this time the next entry in the series has finally been confirmed.

Last year, we covered in detail that a new Fable game was coming, even though we did not know when the release would be, the existence of the game was undoubtedly known. And despite for some reason, it remained strangely absent during every gaming event that debuted new titles for Xbox, we finally got the official confirmation today.

During the Microsoft/Xbox Series X gaming showcase event, the new game was confirmed to be coming to XSX and W10 (no word on Steam, but maybe someday). The announcement trailer, which you can see below, doesn’t show much but it’s certainly more than we had and that is good enough for us… for now.

The last core entry in the series, Fable 3, was released 10 years ago, and then the team behind Fable, Lionhead Studios, abruptly closed and that was that. However, it was confirmed that Microsoft picked up the scraps, and then that too was the end of that. But now we know that Playground Games is hard at work developing this possible reboot/sequel for next-gen and PC and we can’t wait.

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