Lupin the Third Movie Trailer Showcases Stunning CG Animation

Is a CG anime renaissance coming?

The legendary manga and anime Lupin the Third is getting a new movie, Lupin The Third: The First, but not in traditional 2D animation. Instead this new film will be computer animated, a style that has been hit and miss for numerous anime adaptations (we’re still worried about you Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution).

However, if the trailer is anything to go off of, this movie looks spectacular.

Somehow, the animators for the film have seemingly captured the style of the original Lupin manga without it looking weird or grossly uncanny. In fact, the animation is super fluid and lively while still being expressive and distinct. Take a look at how well emotion is captured on this character’s face. It doesn’t look off, it looks right.

Lupin the Third follows Arsène Lupin III, the self-proclaimed world’s greatest thief, who pulls off elaborate heists with his crew introduced in the trailer. The series was created by the late-great Monkey Punch back in 1967. It has since endured as one of the most famous and recognizable manga and anime franchises.

While the trailer is light on plot, it’s heavy on a brilliant style and proof that anime can work in the third dimension.

Lupin III: The First comes to theaters in Japan on December 6.



Jake Culhane
Jake Culhane
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