League of Legends Road to Worlds: A 3-Part Series


Riot Games’s League of Legends has attracted a tremendous amount of followers, fans, and competitors in a matter of only a few years. League of Legends began with only a few hundred players; now, the game has a staggering 65 million people playing each month! With eSports rising in attention, Riot has put together a 3-part mini-series documentary that follows some of League’s professional players and their journey to Season 4 World Championships.

The story shows the mindset that’s required to be a top-tier pro gamer, and gives insight into what drives players to compete… When we set out to make this series we felt like it would be really interesting, especially for new League players, to relive the history of LoL eSports from its scrappy beginnings. It’s amazing how much the sport has evolved over the last three years.


This documentary captures the struggles and hardships these players faced while rising to the top. Regardless, they have persisted through constant doubt and are now living their dreams.

Those who support League of Legends, Riot Games, and especially eSports will find this series relative, astounding, and absolutely inspiring. Prepare yourselves to witness the journey of the new and upcoming world of eSports; it will hit you right in the feels.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Chapter 2: The Next Level

Chapter 3: The Road to Seoul (Releasing on 9/15/2014)

Chapter 3: The Road to Seoul
Stay tuned as we wait in suspense for the final installment of this captivating documentary!

For more information on the Road to Worlds, visit Na.eSports.com – Road to Worlds or join the forums for the Behind-the-Scenes discussion boards.

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