Logan Director James Mangold Will Reportedly Take On the Boba Fett Movie

And Patrick Stewart will voice the Sarlacc Pit.

With the imminent release of Solo, another Star Wars Story apparently moving forward. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that James Mangold, director of The Wolverine and Logan, is set to write and direct a stand alone film starring Boba Fett. 

The badass looking bounty hunter has been a long-time fan favorite Star Wars character, and rumors of a standalone film focused on Fett began circulating shortly after plans for Rogue One and Solo were revealed. In fact, it’s been speculated Josh Trank’s mysterious spinoff film that dissipated when Trank was removed from the project was going to be about Boba, so maybe Mangold is picking up where Trank left off. 

Mangold, who earned an Oscar nomination last year for contributing to the Logan screenplay, is rumored to  be working on the project with Simon Kinberg, a fellow X-Men alumni who his currently directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix for Fox. 

Mangold on set of Logan

No other details on the film have been revealed, nor has Disney/Lucasfilm announced the film yet, so we’ve got no idea if it takes place after Fett’s apparent demise in Return of the Jedi, or after his introduction in Attack of the Clones. Personally, I’m hoping it takes place immediately after Fett escapes from the Sarlacc Pit, only for him to be gunned down by another mysterious bounty hunter who steals his identity; played by Jon Hamm. Or Michael B. Jordan. Or Saoirse Ronan. Or all three. 

But anyway, we love Logan and Mangold is a great talent, so we’re holding hope that this pans out. 

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