Kingpin Actor Vincent D’Onofrio Teases Spider-Man Fight will “Eventually” Happen

The Kingpin actor says he will beat Spider-Man's ass when they fight each other some day.



Vincent D’Onofrio loves to tease what’s in store for his character Kingpin. The actor had been teasing his return to the MCU leading into Hawkeye‘s debut over on Disney+ and more recently, confirmed that Daredevil: Born Again is already moving forward with its second season. And now, it seems as though he’s at it again with more teasers, this time over the possibility of New York’s number one crime lord taking on its friendly neighborhood web-slinger.

Over the weekend at GalaxyCon in Raleigh, North Carolina, D’Onofrio teased the possibility of meeting Spider-Man one day on-screen, something in which he has expressed great interest in the past. During the panel in which he addressed this, he said “Eventually, I will beat Spider-Man’s ass.”

While he did not point out when he expected their inevitable bout would happen, D’Onofrio has been known to tease his character’s involvement in future MCU projects ahead of their reveals of Kingpin’s inclusion. If the past is any indication, D’Onofrio may know something more than he is able to share. That said, his villainous character has been known to be at odds with Spider-Man many times in the comics, even though his primary MCU adversary has been Matt Murdock/Daredevil, a character who made a brief appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

But Could Kingpin win in a fight?

Oh yeah. Absolutely. But how?

Spider-Man’s greatest strength is also his weakness. His incredible power is something that he has shown time and again to be something he has to hold back in order to avoid turning all of his enemies into pudding on the concrete. In his first two MCU films, Peter faced off against men without superpowers (they had technology) and the majority of the fight was against their tech and not the men themselves. But in No Way Home are we shown how hard he can throw a punch against a superpowered enemy who can take it. It is this handicap that Peter gives himself that provides Fisk the advantage.

Wilson Fisk may be a human without superpowers but he is incredibly strong. And he doesn’t need advanced technology to prove it. Peter knows this and would treat Fisk the way he would any common street thug (by not punching a fist-sized hole through their skull). But Fisk isn’t a common thug, would easily find this advantageous, and use it to pummel Spider-Man into the ground.

Of course, were Fisk to be a central enemy in a fight against Spider-Man, he would undoubtedly lose in the end, as they all do, but their first encounter would prove too much for the MCU’s wall-crawler who would understandably underestimate his opponent. Something he would quickly learn from by the end credits. That said, when Fisk and Spider-Man do eventually encounter one another, and we hope they do soon, Peter Parker is going to find himself in a fight unlike any he has ever seen.

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