Kid Buu is Deadly and Agile in Dragon Ball FighterZ Character Trailer

The little Buu that could joins the fray. 

The final and most dangerous form of Majin Buu is headed to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Check out his character trailer below. 

Unlike this friendlier and chubbier version, Kid Buu is an extremely fast and dangerous opponent, capable of stringing together devastating combos through his stretchy limbs and intense speed. 

As with every other character in FighterZ, Kid Buu’s special attacks (and their animations) are taken straight from the manga and anime, as we see the djinn use his candy beam technique and iconic Planet Burst ball of doom. He even appears to be borrowing Super Buu’s Human Extinction technique, so looks like Super Buu unfortunately might not make the roster.

For direct comparison’s between Kid Buu’s attacks in FighterZ and the anime/manga, check out IKevinX’s awesome video here

Kid Buu joins Gotenks and Adult Gohan as the latest characters added to the roster of this much anticipated game. You can check out the Gotenk’s trailer here, and we’ll be sure to post the Adult Gohan trailer when it drops. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ  releases on January 26 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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