Jamie Lee Curtis Rumored to be a Part of The Mandalorian Season 2

No doubt trying to match or one up the smashing success of The Mandalorian‘s first season, it appears Lucasfilm might have gotten Halloween star Jamie Lee Curtis to join the cast for season two.

The source of the rumor, Making Star Wars, supports their claim by pointing out that Jamie Lee Curtis was in the same location where the filming of The Mandalorian‘s second season took place. It certainly isn’t a strong supporting argument but it is an exciting rumor nonetheless.

Considering that Bill Burr has been confirmed to be returning for the second season and news broke recently that Rosario Dawson is portraying Ahsoka Tona in a supporting role as well, an actress of Jamie Lee Curtis’ talent would definitely make the second season memorable.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t hear anything that will confirm this rumor until July’s San Diego Comic-Con (if that actually happens given the pandemic) or, at the very latest, when Anaheim’s 2020 Star Wars Celebration kicks of in August.

Until then, keep your fingers crossed.

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