This Fan Website is Setup to Inform You When Spider-Man is Officially Set Back in the MCU

Fans are anxiously waiting for the official word on the future of Tom Holland's Spider-Man/MCU involvement. This website may help.

Fans have been quite shook since the news that discussions aren’t going too hot on the subject of Spider-Man and his return to the MCU in the future. Sony and Disney/Marvel can’t quite seem to come to an agreement on terms and financial logistics, so we are sort of stuck in limbo.

Now, it seems that we need clarity in the form of a website that is dedicated to letting us know just when the situation is resolved. The website? Well, it has the most appropriate URL for this topic:

While we feel strongly that this is just a PR move by one of the studios to get the other to cave, we are pretty confident that Spider-Man will be in the MCU and that a reboot from Sony is highly unlikely at this point. Whatever other sites tell you, the fact is, the talks are still going. There are no movies on the plate right now that are prepping to serve up another immediate appearance of Spider-Man anyway, so there is plenty of time before anything gets written off one way or another. Heck, a Far From Home sequel hasn’t even been officially announced yet, even though we know it will happen eventually.

At this point, just sit back, take a deep breath, and do not worry. Everyone’s favorite wall-crawler will be back before you know.

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