Indie Game Spotlight: Trine 2

Trine 2 is an amazingly rich and rewarding side scroller that blends puzzle and battle gameplay in a way that never leaves you wanting more of one or the other.

In the single player version of Trine 2, you alternately control three heroes: Amadeus the wizard, Zonya the thief, and Pontius the knight. Co-Op allows you to team up with two other players, each controlling one of the three characters. Each of the characters start with basic abilities that can be added upon and leveled.

Amadeus appears as the support character with the ability to conjure boxes of varying size as well as move objects in the environment from a distance. Zonya is a mobile, ranged combat character who also has a grappling line handy for reaching and swinging from high places.

And finally, Pontius is a heavy melee combat character adept at cutting down foes and employing brute strength to get the job done. Each of these characters’ special talents will need to be utilized in order to achieve your goal of following the magical Trine’s mysterious clues deeper and deeper into the environment

One of the main features of the Trine games is how you may seamlessly switch between characters, even mid-action. There are multiple ways to tackle each obstacle whether they be environment puzzles or hordes of enemies. You may find yourself smashing through environment obstacles with Pontius’ heavy attacks or even conjuring boxes high above enemies and watching them fall, crushing your foes below. Trine is a true pleasure to experiment with by pushing the game’s physics and mechanics to the limits.

Trine_2_12768929856805At times it seems like story takes a definite back seat to gameplay, but side scrollers are almost never known for their depth of story or character arcs. Trine 2 offers pleasing graphics, intelligent and innovative level design, and gameplay that truly allows the player to conquer obstacles in uniquely engaging ways. And with an RPG style skill tree for each character, there is plenty of motivation for pushing through some of the more frustrating levels and gaining EXP.

Trine 2, developed by Frozenbyte and published by Nobilis Publishing, is available now through Steam, Playstation Network, XBOX Live, and the Trine Website.

Check out the official trailer below:



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