Indie Game Spotlight: Papers, Please

Glory to Arstotzka. In Papers, Please players experience the life of an Immigration Inspector.  

After 6 years of being at war, Arstotzka has finally re-opened its borders and players are charged with the task of analyzing those coming through the checkpoint by confirming their paperwork and either approving or denying entry to Arstotzka. There are a few more twists built into this game. Each day, the documents required of those seeking entry to Arstotzka changes, so players must stay up to date and ss_cbff6dd781b30221f0a2308abf7f5bc16a63e3aa.1920x1080vigilant. Beyond that, players receive money for each person processed at their  checkpoint (this is a job, after all) and that money is used to pay for things like rent, food, utilities, and medicine (should your family get sick), so no dilly-dallying! You live in a small “class-8″ apartment with your immediate and extended family for whom you are responsible. If enough immigrants aren’t processed, then your wages suffer and tough decisions need to be made: food for the family or medicine for your sick son?

As an 8-bit game about checking paperwork, you might wonder”Who in the world would want to play that?” Though the Steam Summer Sale may have made this title more enticing, Papers, Please has a its own way of holding attention in a strangely serious way. Taking a ludicrous idea for a computer game and giving. It gives players an opportunity to think as quickly as possible and put themselves in the shoes of the main character. You want to let in as many desperate and hopeful people in as possible, but it is difficult to detect the terrorists, criminals, and smugglers that threaten the safety of Arstotzka. Mistakes earn you warning slips and too many will cost you your wages. You will even have to make decisions about bribes, allowing immigrant family members through without paperwork, and even helping government-rebels. The moral dilemma aspect of the game makes it a truly unique experience.

Papers, Please is developed and published by 3909 and is available through Steam and directly from the developer.

Check out the trailer for Papers, Please below:


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