Hyperkin’s Ultra GB Plays Classic Gameboy Games

Time to turn back the clock and break out those classic Gameboy games!

For gamers who have kept their classic Gameboy cartridges from your early years, Hyperkin is rewarding you with a brand-new Project Ultra GB! This system has the same controls as the original version and can hold the same classic cartridges. Check out the gallery below to see the prototype!

In terms of button placement, it’s exactly the same as the original GB. But that’s definitely a good thing, as I don’t think fans would want a change in the layout of the GB. The layout is simple for anyone to play and that’s how it should be for this classic handheld system.

But it wouldn’t be a remake without some changes! Hyperkin has changed the audio out for those who want to add their own chip tunes. To go along with that, the left and right audio stereo speakers will be enhanced and an audio amp will be added.

Perhaps the best upgrade to this prototype is the addition of a USB-C charging port. This will be one of the final pieces added to this system. The screen will include an RGB wheel, allowing players to scroll through color options, including the classic yellow-green look from the first GB. Although no definite price has been set, Hyperkin did said that the GB will cost under $100.

More details will be announced at E3 2018 this summer!

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