God of War III Remastered Coming to PS4 This July


Last week was the ten-year anniversary of God of War, 10 years since Santa Monica Studios unleashed Kratos out into the mythos.

[dropcap size=small]R[/dropcap]emember when Sony’s God of War franchise could do no wrong? Yeah, that was a fun three years or so. The franchise has seen better days, but Sony wants to remind you that these games were at one point on top of the world with a new remaster version for the PlayStation 4.


This action packed thrill ride of a game will take series newcomers and regulars alike on a thrill ride filled to the absolute brim with 1080p gameplay, silky smooth combat, earth-shaking weapons, and bosses you simply have to face to believe.

The series stole the gaming audience’s hearts for its first two entries. People were already calling it the greatest franchise of all time, and then just like that, it vanished into thin air. Did Kratos become too tired of a character? Did people realize that the franchise’s combat wasn’t that great?


Franchises just aren’t built to last anymore, I suppose. The days of seeing a “15 or “XV” at the end of your franchise are long since over, only belonging to those that were founded back in the 80s. However you feel about the game is up to you, but I believe that everyone should go out and get a copy of God of War III Remastered.

God of War III Remastered will be released on July 14, 2015.


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